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A.L. Rangno (Retiree), in Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences (Second Edition), 2015. High Clouds. Cirrus, cirrostratus, and cirrocumulus clouds (Figures 1–5, respectively) comprise ‘high’ clouds.By WMO definition, they are not dense enough to produce shading except when the sun is near the horizon, with the single exception of a thick patchy cirrus species called cirrus spissatus

Cirrus Clouds thin and whispy High level clouds typically form above 20000 feet (6000 meters) and since the temperatures are so cold at such high elevations, these clouds

Detached clouds in the form of white, delicate filaments or white or mostly white patches or narrow bands. These clouds have a fibrous (hair-like) appearance, or a silky sheen, or both.

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High Clouds. Cirrus (Ci): The ice-crystal cloud is a feathery white cloud that is the highest in the sky. It has a wispy looking tail that streaks across the sky and is called a fallstreak.

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Cirrus. Cirrus clouds are delicate, feathery clouds that are made mostly of ice crystals. Their wispy shape comes from wind currents which twist and spread the ice crystals into strands.


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The WMO International Cloud Atlas is the reference for the classification of clouds and meteorological meteors. It provides the definitions and descriptions of cloud


Cirrus clouds are composed of ice particles and cover about 30% of the midlatitude troposphere (Wylie and Menzel 1999).Cirrus clouds influence climate by increasing the solar albedo (cooling) and trapping thermal infrared radiation (warming).

Beautiful to look at, and often almost transparent, the high wispy clouds known as cirrus play a surprisingly significant role in climate change.. These thin fibrous clouds are the most common type of cloud, with almost a third of the Earth covered with cirrus at any given time.

Cirrus clouds are first indicators of an upcoming weather system. However, it does not produce rainfall because it is largely made of ice crystals because the temperature at high

Cirrocumulus and altocumulus clouds share many of the same cloud species, but cirrocumulus clouds are higher in altitude, so their cloud patches appear smaller. Cirrocumulus clouds are more often than not seen with cirrus and cirrostratus clouds in near proximity. Altocumulus clouds are also much more commonly observed than cirrocumulus.

1. Cirrus – Cirrus clouds are high level clouds that are thin and wispy. They appear during good weather. 2. Cirrocumulus – These are high clouds that look like tiny cotton balls bunched together.

Identify Cirrus Clouds in Satellite Images. The first satellite image is a visible image using reflected light, the second satellite image is an IR image that measures thermal energy.

Jun 22, 2018 · Do you need to know the different types of clouds for school, or are you just interested in what’s up there in the sky? At first glance, all clouds can look pretty much the same, but with a bit of knowledge and practice you can soon learn how to tell exactly which kind of cloud you’re looking at. In this guide, we show you all the steps to becoming a cloud-identifying expert.

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Cirrus clouds are characterized by thin, wisplike strands, often accompanied by tufts, leading to their common (non-standard) name of mare’s tail. Sometimes these clouds are so extensive that they are virtually indistinguishable from one another, forming a sheet of cirrus called cirrostratus

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May 09, 2013 · Give the upper atmosphere dust, and it will make cirrus clouds. It has long been a mystery exactly what causes the formation of cirrus clouds, the wispy billows of

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A striking display of high-altitude clouds over the Pacific Ocean are clearly cirrus, but further classification remains elusive. Image of the Day for May 29, 2015

cirrus meaning: 1. a type of light, feathery cloud that is seen high in the sky 2. a type of light, feathery cloud. Learn more.

What are cirrus clouds like? Cirrus clouds (cirrus means lock or tuft of hair in Latin) are found above 20,000ft. They occur in fair weather and they usually point to the direction of the acting winds. They appear as silky, delicate or tuft of hair (such as a horse tail).

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Synonyms for Cirrus clouds in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Cirrus clouds. 1 synonym for cirrus cloud: cirrus. What are synonyms for Cirrus clouds?


The microphysical and radiative properties of cirrus clouds continue to be beyond understanding and thus still represent one of the largest uncertainties in the prediction of the Earth’s climate

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Synonyms for cirrus cloud in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for cirrus cloud. 1 synonym for cirrus cloud: cirrus. What are synonyms for cirrus cloud?

Form. Very big heap clouds with a massive vertical expansion originating from a cumulus cloud. Description. Consist of water droplets and ice-crystals which however primarily appear in the upper parts.

Cloud Atlas-> Cirrus. Cirrus (Ci) Description: Fibrous, threadlike, white feather clouds of ice crystals, whose form resembles hair curls. Origin: By turbulence when strong vertical change of the wind direction.

“Cirrus clouds, late afternoon over Warsaw” (photo prise en Pologne par Przemyslaw “BlueShade”, juin If you are very very quiet you can hear the clouds rub against the sky. ~ Raul Gutierrez, from “Lies I’ve told my three year old recently” Notes: Photo Source.

Synonyms for cirrus at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for cirrus.

What is a nimbus cloud? Nimbus clouds often mean that a thunder storm is brewing: there may soon be thunder and lightning. Get out of the swimming pool! What causes thunderstorms? Other kinds of clouds More about weather. Nimbus is a fancy word, but it really just means a cloud that already has rain or snow falling out of it. Can you see the rain falling in the picture to the right?

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Cirrus and Crescent Moon Thicker cirrus – note the feathery edges of the cloud – with a crescent moon in a deep blue sky. Photo by Dr. Bruce Wielicki, CERES PI, in the late 1970s.

Cirrostratus (Cs) – the name is a composite of the Latin cirrus = wisp or curl and stratus = layer. Cirrostratus is a member of the ten fundamental cloud types (or cloud genera). Cirrostratus are high-level clouds, appearing as a thin hazy, uniform and featureless whitish and smooth veil.Cirrostratus are darker than cirrus and are always thin enough for the high Sun to cast shadows.

Vertically-developed clouds. Also called multi-layer clouds, this category can include nimbostratus clouds (dark and low-hanging) and cumulonimbus clouds (large and associated with thunderstorms). Some people consider nimbostratus clouds low-level clouds, but because their height can creep well into in the mid-level range, we’ve included them in this category.

Cloud classification. Clouds are classified according to how they look and how high the base of the cloud is in the sky. This system was suggested in 1803. There are different sorts of clouds because the air where they form can be still or moving forward or up and down at different speeds.

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Stratus definition is – a low cloud form extending over a large area at altitudes of usually 2000 to 7000 feet (600 to 2100 meters).

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cirrus: , pl. cir·ri ( sir’rŭs, -rī ), A structure formed from a cluster or tuft of fused cilia, constituting one of the sensory or locomotor organs of certain ciliate protozoa. [L. a curl]

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cirrus (n.) 1708, “curl-like fringe or tuft,” from Latin cirrus “a lock of hair, tendril, curl, ringlet of hair; the fringe of a garment.” In meteorology, in reference to light, fleecy clouds, attested from 1803; so called from fancied resemblance of shape.

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